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Cheryl McLain Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
Science 5, Social Studies 5



  • AMSTI 5th grade and 7th grade Science
  • University of Phoenix: Master's of Education 
  • University of Georgia at Athens: Bachelor's of Arts Archaeology
  • Alba High School graduate: Advance diploma 

  • 7th grade teacher 
  • 5th grade teacher 3 years
  • Field anthropologist/archaeologist at the  University of South Alabama in Mobile for 6 years
  • Artifact archivist at the University of Georgia's State Archive division in Athens, Georgia for 2 years 



  1. Books- "Wind in the Willow", "The Giver", and various manga stories
  2. Beverage- Fruit flavor water
  3. Candy- chocolate
  4. Food- Thai noodles with peanut sauce
  5. Fast Food- Chick-fil-A
  6. Flowers-  All flowers especially Coneflowers and Choreopsis
  7. Hobbies- Knitting, painting, and outdoor activities
  8. Season- Fall
  9. Sports- Soccer
  10. Subject-  SCIENCE OF COURSE!!!!